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The Bowling Alley, November 1963
Wake up. My friend Ken arrives. He has a newspaper clipping about a new bowling alley. It's up Westgate Road, past the motorbike shops. I love Westgate Road. A new bowling alley at the top, bike shops in the middle and the Majestic Ballroom at the bottom of the hill.  

Ken is modern. He wears a dark blue satin zipper jacket with a bowling badge on the back and he's carrying a bag with a bowling ball in it. I wonder how and why? Until today, there have been no bowling alleys…

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Saturday Mornings, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 1961: 

Wake up. I'm 15. Leave house in smart clothing. Duck into cellar & change into hidden drainpipe trousers, leopard-skin mohair sweater & hand painted winklepickers. Bus to Marlborough Crescent. Run to Finlay's tobacconists at the top of Pink Lane/Clayton St. Load up on bizarre foreign tabs (Sobranie Cocktail, Black Russian, Passing Clouds, Balkan, Gitanes).  

Straight to JG Windows in the Central Arcade. Lust after Burns Black Bison & Watkins Rapier…

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