From the recording Album: The Night Squad's Here

© A & M Craig, 1988.
All Rights Reserved.

One of the songs written in 1988 for an unreleased album by The Kindness of Strangers. Al came up with an amazing core rhythm track, added to by Chris Glover on double bass and Tony Glover on soprano sax and percussion. Irene Sutherland produced wonderful backing vocals. I came up with the top line and these lyrics.


They're clearing the tables all around us and it's time to go
Taxi for the waitresses called out on the telephone
Tapping my fingers to the music as I wait for you
"Turn up your collar, or the cold night air's gonna turn you blue"

Late night reservation underneath the destination sign
Outskirts of the city, leave the houses and the factories and the cars behind
Only one song can match the rhythm and the mood of how I feel tonight
Red and green decisions and directions and reflections in the signal lights


Somebody said "It's the price you pay for dressing up and playing grown-up games"
Somebody said "It's escaping from reality in masquerades"
Somebody said "It's a thing that happens to you when you reach a certain age"
Somebody said there'd be tears before bedtime, going on this way

But no-one predicted that the weather up here was gonna turn to snow
Footbridge to the taxi rank, hoping this Mondeo Man can hold the road
Tapping my fingers on the dashboard to the music as I think of you
Someone outside there in the cold night air must have made me blue

Someone outside there in the cold night air must have made me blue

Made me blue...


In the cold night air...

Made me blue...

Made me blue...